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Planet Holiday is a licensed Travel Agent, registered as an Ordinary Member of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (T.I.C.).
The scope of our business includes:


Outbound Travel
Mainly focused in global hotel and tour arrangements of F.I.T.s and G.I.T.s primarily to Asian and Southeast Asian countries especially
to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Maldives, Taiwan and the P.R.O.C.
Business Affiliation
Established in 2001, PLANET HOLIDAY is considered as one of Hong Kong's specialised professional travel agencies. With over a
dozen years of outbound travel experience, it has developed exceptionally good business relationships with key personnel of the
local major airlines, hotels, and transportation companies. More importantly, it has the unwavering support from the local Philippine
government tourism marketing representative (Philippines Department of Tourism).
Business Thrusts
Planet Holiday has recently been successful in aggressively promoting several quality beach resorts in the Philippines, especially in
the Islands of Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and Northern Palawan.
Inbound Travel
As a local tour operator, Planet Holiday conducts Professional Tour Arrangements from the P.R.O.C. and the Philippines.
It also conducts Hotel Reservations, Ticketing Services as well as Transportation Services for all types of Travellers.
Business Outlook
Planet Holiday is constantly searching for more quality beach resorts and hotels in Asia to be promoted for the Hong Kong and
P.R.O.C. market.


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